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Yoni massage

I challenge you to open yourself and delve into the power of sensuality and sexuality. I create depth in tenderness, admissibility and importance to your most intimate feminine center. Yoni, or your pussy.

In your intimate Yoni information and secrets are stored. This happened for centuries by the female gender. Ousted and unprocessed vulnerable moments, sexual abuse or a hostile sexual environment can lead to:

  • blockages
  • pain, dryness, tightness, numbness
  • guilt or fear

With a gentle and respectful way I explore your entire pelvic area and in particular your yoni (vagina).

You can expect that I will be:

  • open to listen to your ideas, needs and expectations;
  • attentivelly present for you;
  • touching you in a loving way;
  • massaging you;
  • removing your blockages and make you aware of your sexual energy;
  • receiving you in a safe and judgment-free environment so you can experience the power of sexuality.


A Yoni Massage touches you deep inside. I ensure you that this is done in a gentle manner. Your Yoni is connected with all your being and your inner growth. As you get older you are getting sexually developed. Your body matures. Physical and orgasmic sensations increase.

The Yoni Massage clarifies what surrender means for you. I am your "healing instrument". I can also pay attention to the following things

  • The G-spot for a G-spot orgasm
  • ejaculation (squirting), even before the orgasm, big draw


During the Yoni massage you make the most wonderful journeys from deep ravines to tender love towards your inner core. You will encounter different feelings and sudden energy changes

  • sadness, lust, anger
  • frustration, lust, ecstasy, despair

Everything is allowed and is good. Be open to the "not-knowing" and let the feelings arise from your Yoni.