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Swedish Massage

The purpose of Swedish massage is to relax and rest your mind. The massage and the atmosphere relaxes the muscles but also the mind. You get away from the daily struggles. An hour all to yourself for a moment of calm and relaxation.

During the massage you will lie in a relaxed position on the massage table. I will make sure that the massage room has a pleasant temperature. During the massage therapy several techniques are applied to make the hard and tense muscles relax. This results in a better blood circulation in the muscles and the waste in the muscles will leave the body faster. In a Swedish massage it is important that you  breath quietly but still in a deep matter.


Intermittent pressure

During this technique I'm going to touch you so I get a first impression of your skin and muscles. This is a kind of initial phase of the massage. This causes your body to get accustomed to my hands and I get used to your body.



I Frictionate with my thumb or finger (s) on the small blockage in the muscle. For example, while moving my thumb, I make small circular movements on one place. I perform this with a constant pressure. I frictionate also your joints and your bands, this happens against the direction of the tissue and may feel a bit sore.

When the pavement is a little deeper, I use my elbow to frictionate. The purpose of a friction is:

  • to reduce the blockages of the muscle;
  • to improve the blood circulation of the muscle;
  • to stretch the muscle. 



When performing tapotage I knock and slash with my hands while the contact with your body is very short. This is done in a very high and steady pace. Usually on the thicker muscles of your body. This technique stimulates the blood flow to the muscles.



  • With this technique I stroke the skin with my hands. This is done back and forth with light pressure.
  • With this technique I stroke the muscles in the longitudinal or transverse direction. I do this with extra pressure.

The purpose of Effleurage is to:

  • improve circulation;
  • relaxation and therefore reducing pain;
  • pousser the lymphatic system;
  • remove dead skin flakes. 



With this technique I knead the muscles with my hands for:

  • the dewatering of the muscle;
  • the generation of a better blood circulation;
  • the loosening or suppleness of the muscles;
  • the normalization of the muscle tension.



This means that I'm going to shake your arms or legs muscle in a horizontal movement back and forth with the widest possible range of motion. I do this in a very slow pace.

The purpose of shaking the muscle is to:

  • reduce muscle tension;
  • make the muscle flexible;
  • reduce pain. 



This implies that I will vibrate a part of your body in which the muscle will be shaken in a horizontal movement at smallest possible range of motion. I do this in a very fast pace.

The reason for vibrate is to:

  • reduce the muscle tone
  • reduce the pain

This technique is less frequently used but is still very effective.

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