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Relaxation Massage

During a relaxing massage you can take some time for yourself and leave your everyday stress and hectic life. This massage has the following effects:



By massaging your body all the attention and energy will automatically go to the place that is being massaged. The energy that is often in your head is shiften to your body. When massaging your legs and feet the engergy flow to your body is very obvious. After a massage you can feel reborn. By touching you the hormone oxytocin is created. This ensures that you will feel happy and relaxed.



By focusing on your body you get in touch with the tensions and blockages that exists. You become aware of your body and muscles which are being massaged.


Make Muscles Relaxed

By massaging your muscles, your muscles become more relaxed. This applies both to the tense and the muscles that are more loosen.


Removing blockages

The massage can loosen the blockages. These may be physical, emotional or energetic blockages. Emotions can get stuck in your body.  With the use of massage these blockages can get loosen and disappear. It might be possible that you will get emotional due to the massage, but this is not always the case.


Back in your own strength

If your body is relaxed after a massage and the blockages are disolved there is nothing in the way to get back at your own strength. During the massage it is important to indicate your limits of comfort. You will learn to take your own responsibility to understand your own strength so you can look for it and use it.


Time for yourself

When taking a massage you'll automatically get the time and the rest for yourself. Give yourself the privilege to such indulgence. You are worth it!