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The purpose of this massage is that your body and muscles have time to absorb the heat, so that healing can take place. The stones have to be at a certain temperature.

To ensure that the stones constantly have a certain temperature I use extra stones. After a treatment I take new heated stones and the used stones I reheated again. I heat them in a heater with a thermometer so you can check that the stones remain at the right temperature.


The history of the massage

For centuries, people are drawn to the energy of stones.

  • The Russians put hot stones in bath and went to lie on them in order to absorb the hot energy in their body.
  • The Indians used heated stones in their steam baths. They used sun-warmed stones to put on the skin of women with menstrual pain.
  • The Chinese use heated stones to relieve tired muscles.
  • The Filipino people used rough volcanic basalt stones to remove old dry skin in order to get a silky smooth new skin layer. This method is still being used today.


The basalt stones during hot stone massage

Basalt Stones are modified igneous rocks. They are made from a volcanic action. The best stones emerge from recent volcanic activity. They are naturally formed by washing in the river flanks of the volcano and therefore have their soft potato-like shape. These stones remain longer hot by their volcanic origin and give their mineral energy to the body.

There are many types of basalt stones. The darker the color, the more heat it can absorb. Basalt stones work very relaxing. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles and bones. This resolves fatigue and tension. The waste is also disposed out of your body. This has a positive effect on your overall health. Such a treatment can be compared to an in-depth cleaning.

The stone works grounding. After treatment you stand with both feet on the ground and you get the ability to turn inspiration into reality.

Further, the production of serotonin is stimulated by the use of heat. This hormone allows for cell regeneration. This treatment also works so rejuvenating. Furthermore, this hormone provides a relaxed and happy feeling.