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Head, Shoulder and Neck Massage

Daily tension and stress first starts blockages in your shoulders but also in your neck and head. This will lead to less blood that flows to your head. In addition to the sore neck and shoulders this will also trigger headaches, eyestrain, loss of concentration and even depression.

This massage will greatly reduce the above symptoms and these symptoms will often disappear completely.

The Head, Shoulder and Neck Massage will make stress disappear. It will also relieve tension in the neck, head and shoulders and keeps the hair healthy

The head massage is thus an integral and natural part of a healthy life. The head, neck and shoulders are important energy centers of our body. If you're stressed or angry, the tension builds up. Later on this will be expressed in the form of a stiff neck or stiff shoulder, tired eyes and even hair loss.

The effects of this massage are not only physical. It also works on a psychological level because it calms the mind, relaxes and make stress disappear.