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Tantra Erotic Massage

An Erotic Tantra Massage can be a great foreplay to increase the experience of sex and orgasm. My Erotic Tantra Massage for Women is a sensual massage that can cause you to experience several orgasms. It's a relaxing way to get excited and get to know your body. Everyone, but certainly many women love to be stroked, to be caressed and / or massaged. It is often also a way to give the rapid and less profound everyday sex the full attention.


The Erotic Tantra Massage is something you have to feel. Feelings into words makes quickly short of the experience. Your whole body will be included in a loving massage because every centimeter is getting full attention. For this reason it is not similar to any massage.

Breasts, buttocks and private parts are in the West immediately linked to sex between partners. In the case of Tantra with its Eastern origin Tantra is much more beautiful and richer. In fact the woman is central as Goddess and she is treated that way. Without any ulterior motives and especially without pressure.

Every part of your body gets attention. You can enjoy by giving the control to me and let yourself be carried away on a cloud of attention, security, warmth and perception. Total relaxation of your body to get 100% attention. Although multiple instruments can be used, I mainly make use of my hands for caressing and massaging.


The Erogenous Zones

During the Erotic Tantra Massage I do consider your erogenous zones. Through these zones I can make you very excited. Although much has been written in the literature about the erogenous zones of the woman and the man, it differs from person to person. However, it is evident that men have less erogenous zones than women. Or maybe men are less open on this area. Women find an erotic massage very nice and an important part of sex.

The illustrations below shows the most common erogenous zones for the women and the men. Other zones (for example, shoulders, neck, arms and legs) are areas that I firmly massage. This works more relaxing than erotic.

My sensual tantra massages I give with warm natural oils without additives.

Allow yourself this pleasure and book an erotic massage.