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sexblog week 29-2016  blog 1> For my submissive readers

You're submissive and I know what you want. You want my attention and I want to indulge you. I can organize a very exciting moment for us with you in the center.

I start to kiss you softly on your cheeks, your neck and I'm looking for your hot tongue. You want more, I move to your breasts, I grab them firmly with my hands and I move my tongue firmly in the direction of your nipples. Hmmmmm, it tastes very good. You are getting very excited, I enticed you to receive a massage from me. While massaging I play with your whole body. I bring up feelings in your body you have never felt before. I know exactly what you want. You want me to lick your pussy. I tease your pussy with my fingers. I'm not penetrating your pussy yet. Once you start to get horny I'm going to lick your pussy with the tip of my tongue. First I lick the top of your clitoris where your clit is most sensitive. Very softly with a little pressure on your clit. Once you begin to moan, I go faster, faster and faster. You cannot lie still, you lose the control over your body. Now I decide what's going to happen to you. It is so intense, you want more and you are screaming because of the excitement. I see you cannot lie still and I tie your body so you cannot move anymore. Now you’re fully under my care. You feel safe with me. You're really horny now. I push my fingers softly into your pussy and I touch your G-spot. I keep playing with it with firm pressure, very tender and I whisper in your ear how I'm going to fuck you. I'm not going to fuck you hard but also very deep into your pussy. You cannot wait anymore. You want to be fucked quickly by me. I throw you on the bed. I grab your ankles. I pull your legs wide open and I push my hard, long, thick dick in your pussy. I start out gently so that your pussy is going to get used to the size of my dick.   The rest you have to feel during our date .............................

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