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Imagine: you enter my massage room. I receive you with a smile on my face and I look deeply into your eyes. You feel it through your whole body. Now you are doubting if you only want a massage.   I let you turn around so I can look at your body. Your hair, your breasts, your buttocks, your thighs, your calves and your feet. I ask you to take off your clothes. It’s getting hot and you obey. I look at the beautiful shape of your body, I ask you to lie down. You're feeling very excited but at the same time you like this feeling.   We have all the time in the world. First I rub your feet very slowly. You notice that I really like to massage your feet. I massage every toe of your feet very sensual and soft. In between I lick your toes with my tongue. It tickles, but you find it exciting. I continue licking and massaging your feet. You start to get a little horny. In slow motion I massage your calves. They are very tight, I’m getting a little excited. You notice that I take the time to massage you. I continue with your thighs, they are very warm and they have a beautiful female form. I'm now on the inner part of your thighs and ...... oops I accidentally touch your pussy. I notice you already becoming quite wet. I continue massaging your thighs, I want to touch your pussy again. Your pussy is very warm. Eventually I massage your labia very soft, sensually with a little pressure. I grab a brush and I tickle around your pussy. Very slow. I notice that you want me to go a little further, but I behave myself. I continue with your buttocks. I massage them firmly. While I massage your buttocks, a lot of energy is going through my body. I fantasize how I ...................

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