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Monique knew she would be home alone today. Her husband had to go to the fair, but Monique would like to be taken by a dark man. Monique went looking for a dark Gigolo. She came across my advertisement and she sent me a Whatsapp message. She asked me if I wanted to come to Belgium for a nice get-together. Monique has asked for the All-in package. After an hour I have arrived at her home. She finds it exciting, but also horny. She kissed me dearly. Then she prepared a tasty cocktail for me. It tastes delicious. Meanwhile, I put everything ready. I asked her to go to the room to undress herself completely. She found my dominant behavior really horny. During the massage, I caressed her pussy nice and fingered her tightly. Monique became very horny. She is afraid that her husband comes back, but she wanted to be fucked very hard by me. She longs to feel my dick into her pussy.

I told her to spread her legs wide open with her feet’s in the air. She had to show her pussy to me. Meanwhile, my dick is very hard. Gently I pushed my dick into her pussy. Her pussy is very narrow and Monique is violently moaning. She is not used to that, but she likes it. When Monique was ready, I've fucked her firm and hard. I took her in every position in her room. Monique kept cumming. I fucked Monique for 1 hour and then I found myself groaning while having an orgasm. We have enjoyed each other very much.

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finn theunis
4 years ago

Laat ik me even voorstellen. Mijn naam is Finn Theunis, 19 jaar en fotograaf in opleiding aan de LUCA school of arts te genk.

Voor één van mijn projecten wil ik graag een magazine maken met een artikel erin over gigolo's en ik zou het geweldig vinden als u een paar van mijn vragen via Email zou willen beantwoorden.

Graag hoor ik spoedig van je terug!

Vriendelijke groet,
Finn Theunis