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Diana is 34 and has two daughters. She has a concert in Amsterdam. But to close off her beautiful evening she hired me for a massage and a good fuck. Diana has been a few years alone. But she wants to stay in this situation for the time being because of a turbulent relationship. Occasionally she wants to meet with a Gigolo. After reading my reviews Diana hired me. I romantically decorated the room and then I asked Diana to follow me. She liked to see how I've prepared the room for her. She is looking forward for a nice moment.

I massaged her. She liked the massage very much. Diana has clearly noticed how horny I was while I was massaging her. She thought only to be fucked by me. She could not wait until I began to lick her dearly. I licked Diana for 30 minutes. I licked her until she was screaming while having a orgasm. She has not experienced this before. I grabbed her by her ankles and made her legs wide open so her hole was visible to me. I let my dick slide gently into her pussy. Diana is very horny and she want to be taken by me very hard. I started to fuck her very hard while she moans. She wanted me to hold her. She grabs my arms while she receives my dick into her pussy with hard punches. Diana came three times while screaming. Her evening came to a nice closure.

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