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After the plane landed Conny went to lie down on the beach. She was very tired of the Intercontinental flight. As she lay on the beach in her sexy swimsuit, Conny picked up her Tablet. She can really enjoy a relaxing massage at the moment. After a while Conny came across Rendy’s website. She saw the possibility to get more than just a relaxation massage. She found the description of the Erotic Tantra Massage very hot. Conny began to doubt a little.

Once in the Netherlands Conny decided to share this horny idea with her husband. Her husband liked the idea to let her be indulged by a Gigolo. They have approached me and made an appointment. Conny has never done this before. This makes Conny's very nervous. She did not know what she could expect from me. 

Once they have arrived Conny and her husband held a short conversation with me. She was nervous, but she was horny at the thought that she will be indulged by me very soon. I asked Conny to take off her clothes and lie down on the massage table. Conny has a beautiful white skin. She has nice feet. On one of her feet she has a tattoo. Her calves are pretty solid. I have really enjoyed her curves. She also felt that I was getting horny while I was massaging her. My rod became very hard and it touches her body while massaging. I touched Conny’s thighs very tenderly. I started to tease her with a feather between her legs. She began to get very excited. Her pussy was very wet. When I went with my fingers over her pussy, I felt the juices flowing from her pussy. Conny and I were both very excited. I was able to completely finish the massage. Afterwards I gave Conny a lovely Yoni Massage. I licked her pussy very good and I teased her G-spot with my fingers. She began to moan violently. She cannot hold it no more. She wants my dick very much into her pussy.

I did not hesitate. I pushed my hard rod in her wet pussy. Her whole body began to tremble while I was penetrating. Conny began to moan softly. My bumps were getting harder and harder. Conny noticed how much I want to take her. I continued to take her hard and deep. It's a nice view, to see my dick between her labia. At one point we both couldn’t hold it anymore. My hot sperm flowed out of my dick on the beautiful breasts of Conny.

It was delicious. Conny and I enjoyed together.

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