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Rabija is a Turkish student who came to the Netherlands for her studies. She was already married. Secretly, she has always had the desire to be taken by a black man. For quite a while she was looking at my website but never dared to contact me. She got the courage and she sent an email to me. Her wishes were very clear. She wanted a massage and then go intimate with me. During intimate she wanted to be taken at least doggy. When I arrived she was very nervous, but still excited. We have had a great conversation. Rabija laughed quite often. She is now completely relaxed. Then I started to massage Rabia. I touched her everywhere and I often teased her. She found the teasing very nice. During the massage I asked Rabija to lift up her ass while she was still on her stomach. She obeyed and pull her ass all the way up. She didn't know what I was going to do. Before she realized, I started to lick her pussy from behind. She thought it was very intense. She grabbed the massage table with both hands firmly while I sucked her pussy nicely. I trembled with the tip of my tongue on her clitoris. Rabija is getting very horny. She cannot move, because I hold her very tight. Rabia was puffing for a while. It was very intense for her. She had to take a rest for a few minutes. I asked Rabia to go with her ass towards me while on her knees. She knew I was going to take her hard. She knows what awaits her. I pushed my long, hard rod in her pussy. She was moaning of pleasure. Rabija came while squirting. The floor had become completely wet. Rabija enjoyed intensively.

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