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Daniella has a busy period behind her. She has worked hard in recent months to meet her deadlines. Fortunately Daniella has achieved her objectives. Through all the frustration and stress she needs to get some relaxation. After searching the internet Danielle found my website. Danielle is single and she could use somebody to touch her. She booked me for an Erotic Tantra Massage. Upon entering her house, Danielle was really nervous. She did not know what to expect. When she has experienced character, she became more relaxed. I had a nice and horny conversation with her. During the conversation I looked Danielle deep into her eyes. In her eyes I could clearly see that she has become horny. I gave her instructions to undress and lie down on my massage table. She was ashamed, but she realized that I looked at her for a long time already. Danielle has a nice ass and muscular calves.

I began to massage Danielle sensually. During the massage I could see that Danielle was enjoying very intensively. Suddenly I touched her wet pussy. She had become quite wet from my teasing. Gently I touched her clitoris and began to tremble with my fingers. She gets excited and starts moving horny. Through these movements, I also got very excited. I got a very hard dick because of her. Danielle grabs my dick tightly. While she jerks me, I licked her nice pussy. With my tongue I trembled on her clitoris. She loves it and she gets an orgasm.
I asked her to lie down on her side with her buttocks towards me so I can take her from behind. I pushed my cock in her pussy. She loves it. I was fucking her faster and deeper. She is moaning violently. After Danielle came for several times, it was my turn, I was vibrating in her pussy. I sprayed all my energy into her pussy. It seemed that her pussy was sucking all the juice out of my dick. Yummy!

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