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Charida often fly abroad. During her stay in the Netherlands her flight to the states was canceled. Therefore Charida had some time left. She already had some problems with her back and she really wanted a masseur to help her with the pain. Charida started googling and she found my website. Charida booked me for a Swedish massage. She really needs it. During her stay she asked me to visit her in the hotel for a massage. I asked Charida to undress. She could keep her underwear and bra. I massaged her from head to toe. I started with her feet, calf and so on. I accidentally touched her pussy.  Charida didn't mind that. She was actually very horny. I moved on. My hands slipped and accidentally I touched her pussy again, but this time her pants where soaked and wet. Charida was very excited.

I asked if she wanted to receive a Yoni massage. She said I could go my way, because she was really enjoying. I put off her underwear and bra and I began to massage her pussy. Charida began to moan softly. Gently I pushed my fingers into her pussy. I began to massage her G-spot. Charida began to moan even more intense. Before I knew it she squirted water out of her pussy. Charida just came while she was squirting. It was intense. She was a little emotional, but she liked it very much. I began to lick her pussy. She began to tremble, she wanted to be fucked by me and very quickly. I slid my dick into her pussy. With my glans I indulged her pussy. She said while moaning: "Good, this is good." I pushed my dick further into her pussy. She felt how long my dick is. She continued to look at me very surprised. I gave Charida a hard fuck which make Charida come while screaming.

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