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The sexy Lisandra is waiting excitedly for me. I made a cocktail for her. She can not wait for my dick, so horny is she. Quickly she drinks her cocktail and I seduced her beautiful tight body. I feel my blood flowing to my cock and I start to give her a french kiss dearly. She begins to breathe faster. Her beautiful bald pussy is wet while I'm fingerering her pussy and stroking her clitoris. She grabs my penis and start sucking my cock. With her wet tongue she teases me. I push my hard cock deep inside her and I feel her warm yummy body. Lisandra intensely enjoy my deep punches and then goes down on me. I thrust deep into her, her intimate erogenous zone becomes more excited and she feels that I like spraying. She does not stop, she keeps going. We continue to moan and fuck. I hold her tight. She is wild, so I have to grab her hair