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Lidia looked the whole week forward to visit Gigolo Rendy. She has found me over the Internet. She is already feeling very emotional in her stomach while I'm approaching her in my boxers. Because of her delicious sweet odour combined with my view of her nice and tight body my dick is getting bigger in my pants. I start to caress her and gently kissing her sensitive skin. She loves it and she sits on my hard cock and slowly and sensually she moves her tight lower body. Her bald pussy dips up and down on my fat dick. I fuck Lidia in doggystyle and pierces my cock deep inside her. I hear her softly moan with pleasure. Our intimate session is becoming more violent and Lidia cannot control her emotions and she start squirting. After squirting she was breathing violantly and moaning. On her face I could see that she has enjoyed intensely. I covered her with a blanket so she could quietly relax for the next round.