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Last week Ricky invited me to massage Marion. Ricky has been asking me earlier to come over. Because of another appointment, we have postponed the surprise for Marion. Through the chat, we have devised a few horny things we do with Marion. I'm very curious how Marion looks like. The idea that I'm going to meet her was getting me. Rick want to see her really being spoiled with a massage and great sex. I arrived at Ricky and Marion. It was very dark and that made our date more exciting. Ricky did let me come in to prepare some stuff. The idea that I'm going to massage Marion was getting my dick very hard. I have put everything ready and set relaxing music. Marion entered blindfolded in the room. This is very naughty. She has a beautiful black lingerie. I was able to see her nice round breasts. I secretly looked at her round buttocks while she lies on my massage table. I can see her very well and touch her delicious body. She looks delicious. Her feet, calves, thighs, buttocks made me very horny. I loved me as neatly. She should not get the impression that I am a dirty guy. I massage her body. From her feet to her buttocks, shoulders and neck. During the massage, I touched her pussy accidentally. It felt very soft and warm. I noticed that she did not mind. In between I watched Ricky while we were with two of her massaging. Then I picked up the feather to tease her body good. I noticed that Marion is starting to be a little horny. I stroked her body with my hands and fingers. I teased her pussy with feather and my are making me very horny. Oops my fingers almost slipped into her pussy. It’s getting very hot in the room. I continued to massage her pussy and stimulate her clit. She began to move her hips. Marion is very horny, she wants to keep quit but she cannot hold it while Ricky and I are teasing her. I started fingering Marion and my fingers trembling on her clit. She hold it no longer and begins to moan. Marion moans very loud. I made her delicious pussy ready to receive my dick. First I licked her pussy. Her pussy tastes delicious. I can lick her for hours. I notice that she would like to be fucked. My dick is very hard and I would like to take her hard, but I do not let it deter my excitement. I slide my cock gently into her pussy. She is very wet and warm inside. I started to fuck her while she is playing with Ricky. We continued to fuck, fondle each other, licking and fingering. We couldn’t hold it no more, Marion came. I quickly slide to her breasts. Marion jerks my Dick off. Her hands feels good and nice. I cannot stand anymore and I have to cry while my thick blob spray over her breasts. I cannot hold it no more. With a smile on my face I come.

 The rest you have to feel during our date .............................

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