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Massages offered by Gigolo Rendy

Massage is one of the oldest remedies used for centuries for its healing and relaxing effect.

I mainly massage women to support them in maintaining and enhancing their vitality and vigor. After the treatment you will feel strong and you will experience new stimuli through your body.

Because each person is unique, I will customize the massage to your needs. Depending on your needs and your physical and mental condition of the moment, we will determine together where the focus of the massage will be.

  • revitalizing or to impower;
  • relaxing or to calm;
  • or just an exciting massage.

The effect is a delightful massage that gives you just that to come back into balance in a very natural way. I offer the following massages:


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During the intimate session different Kama Sutra Positions can be performed. The intimate session will be performed in a sensual way and yet very intense. During our date I sense your limits and what your preferences are. I slowly build up the intensity. Depending on your needs we determine whether you're in the mood for rough, sensual or even both. Maybe you have a fantasy you never dare to talk about. With me you can fulfill your erotic fantasies without prejudice.





In a BDSM relationship it is all about mutual trust and respect for each other. Get to know each other well and dare to ask each other questions and build confidence. You can indicate what you want or what you don't want to try and what your limitations are.

BDSM is trust, safety, voluntariness, never forcibly !!! BDSM is learn what your limits are and how a person works. You learn from your mistakes and you learn to do things differently. All the experienced Dominant started at the bottom of the ladder , everyone has to learn by trial and error. The advantage of BDSM is that you can enjoy. Every time you grow in your experience by trying things, but above all to learn from your mistakes.

After a session, we go through what you've experienced and what you would like to change next time. Giving feedback is important to me so I know what you like or disliked.