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Below are the Gigolo experiences with my clients. You can also leave a Gigolo Review for me after a date with me. If you wish to remain anonymous you can fill in the box E-mail anoniem@mauritsen.com. I appreciate youreview about me very much. These can be included in my Gigolo Reviews.

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2 years ago

Het was ongelooflijk heerlijk schat. Ik was gespannen maar wat heb ik toch genoten van je. Bedankt.

5 years ago

I have enjoy the night with you. In the beginning I had to get used to your cock. It was really big darling. Sorry if I was a little nervous on that part. Eventually I loved it.

5 years ago

I was searching the web for a good looking Gigolo in the Netherlands. I'm glad I booked you for a intimate date with me. We had a lovely night together.

5 years ago

Thank you for being my Toy Boy. I will need you for the coming weeks because of all the tention I'm having now. You are great.

5 years ago

I was looking for a lover in bed. A gentle guy, but still somebody that is good in bed. I found you Rendy. Thank you for the wonderful evening we had.

5 years ago

Hi Rendy, what a wonderful date we had. I realy love the package. Next time I'm Holland you will hear from me. You are a very nice and handsome Gigolo.

5 years ago

I was googling 2 days ago and suddenly i saw your website. First I was doubting. I never did this before, but I wanted to experience this only for once. I booked you. I was very nervous. When you arrived I didn't want to open the door. EVentually I did. It was great.

5 years ago

We had a very nice date. Intercourse was lovely. Next time I'm in Holland I will contact you.

5 years ago

Hi Rendy,

I'm very glad you translated your site to English. I booked you immidiately. We had a nice moment together. Thank you very much for this. I realy enjoy our date togehter. It was fun.