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Different rates Gigolo Rendy

Depending on the location and the type of service, different rates are charged. Depending on your needs we can also stipulate a special rate for you. In order not to be too expensive, I have compiled a package of the most common services, so the amount is lower. We can also compose a package in accordance with your needs. My rates are mainly compiled based on the following two factors: (click on the links below for an overview)

  • Location: it depends if you come to me or you ask me to come to you. There are also customers who are more in ease to book a hotel and invite me. At the other hand some customers find it great that I book a hotel for them. This last scenario does not occur so often. In short, mainly the below factors determine the total fee:
  • The services: Choose a package or an individual service.

Hourly Rate

I don’t charge an hourly rate for my massage services, because different types of massages are given by me. For all other services I charge a fixed hourly rate of 100 euros.

Surcharge for Couples

Recently I don’t apply a surcharge for couples. If you want to have a date with me together with your partner, then it is free of charge for your partner. However, the appointment / date is not aimed for the male partner because I'm straight. I can offer to the partner a massage. Your partner will get a discount of 20 euros on all massages except Tantra and Yoni Massage in the case of a man.

Discount for longer or frequent bookings

If you book me for more than three hours, I will give a standard discount of 30 euros for each extra hour. If you want to visit me more often in a month period, I give you the space to determine together with me a special fee. This fee will apply from the 2nd visit.


To facilitate some anonymity, I offer the possibility of a cash payment. In relation to your privacy, I can arrange all things for our date and pay the costs in advance. However, I do ask for greater security by means of a chat session. The advanced payment doesn’t happen just like that.