High-Class Gigolo Rendy

Welcome on my website. I'm an Independent High-Class Gigolo that can give a Tantra Erotic Massage and provide High-Class Escort services. I am also a certified masseur that offers different type of massages and erotic massages. Since the 8th of August 2016 I have my own private salon where I can discreetly receive you for a massage appointment or more.


Why would you date a Gigolo or Masseur?

The women who hire me have different ages and diverse backgrounds. I date women between 21 and 65 years. Top business women, housewives, single women, widows, students and couples make use of my services. The women of today are self-confident, independent and know what they want. The modern woman is in the center of  their life and they have their own value. They dare to be themselves and to express their desires.

The women with whom I often date wants a lover who appreciate her. Let her feel how special she is, spoil her from head to toe or a woman who wants to go wild.

Maybe you want your own sexuality to be (re)discovered. For instance after a traumatic experience in the past. Are you looking for the best person who knows what to do? A man who looks good, very nice and performing well in bed? A man who puts you in the center and not himself? Especially a man who understands a woman? Someone who really care and offers intimacy but do not stick. Not someone that is interested in your private things but a man that will depart when you want him to? You are looking for a male companion to have a lots of fun with?

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